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Where do I even start?

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I can deal directly with my existing bank (I always have), why should I engage a mortgage adviser to help?

A mortgage financial adviser will consider all the banks and which one has both the best policies for you and the best deal, whereas if you’re talking to your existing bank or one bank only you are more than likely selling yourself short.

Dealing with one bank directly can be a challenge, imagine getting turned down then needing to start all over again with a second bank or heaven forbid a third or fourth. Once you talk to us and we have your application ready, we can go to all the banks with very little additional effort. It’s a no brainer:)

Why not, life is short if using a mortgage adviser saves you only a little bit of time, stress and life admin, you may as well use that time to go fishing, play sport, catch up with friends and family, or just get a few extra hours sleep.

With an adviser in your corner, you can be fully honest with us and we will help firm up your borrowing strategy before we chat to the bank on yourself, when dealing directly with the bank, what you say in the moment can’t be unsaid very easily.

A Float adviser has your back, the bank employee has a policy to follow and a manager and shareholder they are ultimately accountable too, we will secure you the best solution and deal for you.

Does it cost to use a financial adviser?

Most of the time (for 99% of our clients)  it doesn’t cost you anything to engage Float as your mortgage advisor to deal with the banks, all the main banks pay a commission based off the amount of your mortgage borrowing. Essentially the service costs you nothing, and there is no pricing disadvantage with the bank by working with an adviser.

How much can I borrow to buy a home?

Click here to calculate your current borrowing capacity (link and calculator to be created)

How long does the mortgage approval process take?

This depends, the standard bank turnaround times are ~5-10 working days from when the bank has all the information and documentation they need. However there are a few tricks of the trade that we can utilise to speed things up if the clock is ticking and you need a quick result, don’t waste anytime and get in touch today (insert link to contact us page)

What is personal insurance?

When life throws you lemons, personal insurance can be a little bit of  lemonade, it can take care of your family if you or your partner no longer earn income because of illness, injury or even worse. Life, Income Protection, Trauma and Health Insurance can help secure your family’s future. (Link to page here)

Do I need insurance?

Yes 100%, if you have a mortgage or a family to take care of and you are one of or the only breadwinner, you should definitely chat with our Insurance team.

Doesn’t ACC and the Government take care of me if something happens to me?

ACC in principle only covers accidents, and only covers up to 80% of your income if your currently in paid employment, so if your off work when your get injured or if you self employed and just starting out it might not be ideal. The public health system can be very slow at times and not all treatments are funded by the government. Having the option to go private with fully funded private insurance can be the difference.

What should I be doing with my Kiwisaver balance?

It’s a good idea to have your kiwisaver fund aligned to your goals and your risk appetite, these can and do change over time so it’s always a good idea to check in on your kiwisaver strategy,  and to review your fund and provider on the regular.

How are Float Financial Advisers remunerated?

All Float financial advisers are full time employees and paid a salary, and there is no short term financial incentive for a Float Financial Adviser to place a client with a lender or insurer because that lender might pay a higher commission. 

Are all mortgage brokers created equal?

The short answer is no, skill, experience and quality of service and communication aside, a lot of brokers in the New Zealand market are remunerated based on the commission they earn for the business they are contracted to. These brokers can be called “Commission only” Brokers, the industry has been hardwired to remunerate under this model for some time, however it is changing albeit quite slowly. How this plays out is some of the main banks pay more commission upfront than the  others banks, so quite often a “commission-only” broker will be pushing their clients towards a couple of banks in particular. If you have dealt with a broker in the past and they were quite pushy towards a couple of banks then it might pay to ask them how they get  paid…

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